If you would like to become an NBQA member, please fill out the NBQA Membership Form and mail it to the address on the form with a check for $35.00.

As an alternative, we also offer Associate Membership for $15.00.

Member and Associate Member dues are not pro-rated for a partial year. For more benefits available to members, please see the NEWCOMERS

Full Membership ($35.00)

  • Each member is entitled to receive a membership booklet. It is available at meetings, or for $3.00 it can be mailed. It includes information about meetings and workshops, a list of Board Members and Chairpersons, membership names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.
  • Receive a membership card that may be used at some quilt shops to receive a discount. You need to ask at checkout.
  • Receive five bimonthly newsletters via email.
  • May attend all meetings.
  • May enroll in all workshops and trips.
  • New full members will receive a name pin to wear to meetings.

May submit a quilt to the biannual show.

  Membership Application

Associate Membership  ($15.00)

  • You will receive the guild newsletter. This newsletter has 5 editions throughout the guild year (September/October, November/December, January/February, March/April, May/June). The preferred method of distribution is email but for those who do not have computer access, the newsletter can be mailed.
  •  You will receive a membership booklet (if you want it mailed to you please include $3.00 to cover postage)
  •  You may attend 2 meetings per year.
  •  You may attend workshops and bus trips if the class/trip is not filled with regular members. You may be waitlisted for unfilled workshops and trips.
  •  You may submit quilts for the biennial quilt show.
  •  You will be at the top of the waiting list for full membership for the following guild year if so desired.
  • Will be given a priority position on the waiting list for full membership.


Looking to Renew your membership?

NBQA membership application