2019-2020 Strip Exchange

This is a great way to reduce your stash of 2 ½” WOF (width of fabric) strips and you could go home with a Jelly Roll! Please bring in 3 or more strips per meeting. You will receive a ticket for every 3 strips you bring in. Near the end of the business meeting there will be a drawing. You must be present at that time to win. We will continue to draw until we get a winner.

This is how it works: Check the month and bring 3 or more 2 ½” strips representing the THEME for that month. If your stash does not support the THEME, you may substitute neutral solids or blenders. This season’s THEME consists of things you would see or buy on a trip to:

September: The Farmer’s Market

October: The Pet Shop

November: Santa’s Workshop

January: The Flower Shop

February: The Ball Game

March: The Zoo

April: The Beach

May: The Fourth of July Parade

Any questions, contact Lyn Pallotta, Stip Exchange Chair