2018-2019 Strip Exchange

This is a great way to reduce your stash of left over 2 ½” WOF (width of fabric) strips and you could go home with a Jelly Roll! Please bring in 3 or more strips per meeting. You will receive a ticket for every 3 strips you bring in. Near the end of the business meeting there will be a drawing. You must be present at that time to win. We will continue to draw until we get a winner.

This is how it works: Check the month and bring 3 or more 2 ½” strips representing the flower or the flower colors.

Here are the FLOWERS and colors for each Month:

September: ASTER
- Pink, red, white, lilac and mauve

October: MARIGOLD – White, yellow, oranges and red

November: CHRYSANTHEMUM – White, yellow bronze, and burgundy

January: CARNATION – White, pink, reds and purples

February: VIOLET – Blue, mauve, yellow, cream and violet

March: DAFFODIL – White, yellow and orange

April: SWEET PEA – Soft colors, pink, yellow, purple & blue

May: LILY OF THE VALLEY – White with a hint of green