Block of the Month 2018-2019

This year’s Block of the Month program will use the versatile “4 Patch”. All
of the blocks will be constructed within the 4 patch grid. Blocks submitted
each month will be donated to the Comfort Quilt Program. The Comfort
Quilts program will be contributing to organizations that serve men this
year. If you could keep color and fabric choices suitable for men in mind as
you make your blocks the recipients will appreciate it!
You will receive a ticket that will be placed into the monthly drawing for
each block you bring to the monthly meeting . Monthly prizes will vary but
will be either fabric or patterns or Both! We hope you will participate in the
program again this year!

September – Simple 4 Patch

Make simple 4 patches using any of the following measurements. Choose
one size:
Four 5 inch squares for a 9 ½ inch unfinished block or Four 6 inch squares
for an 11 ½ inch unfinished block. Since these quilts will be used for the
comfort quilts try to stay away from “Holiday” prints and lean towards
bright prints.


October – 5 Four Patches

Comfort Quilts will supply the Half Square triangles! Make 5 four patches
using 2.5 inch squares of similar colors. Pin them together when you bring
them to the meeting.
We will supply the half square triangles and turn your lovely four patches
into a 12 ½ unfinished block!


November – Disappearing 4 Patch

Click here for a great tutorial on the Disappearing 4 Patch Block

January – Disappearing 4 Patch Quilts Block Criss Cross

Visit the link below for a tutorial to make this block.

Four 5 inch squares are used in this tutorial to make a block that is 8 inches square

February –  “Wonky” Disappearing 4 Patch

Just for fun – cut your four patch into 9 pieces and then sew them back together to make a “Wonky” Disappearing 4 Patch.

Use 4 larger squares, 6 or 7 inches square, to make these fun blocks.

Don’t worry about the unfinished size, we can trim them down to one size or add borders to each block to bring them up to a certain size.

It all adds to the “wonkiness”

Photos from

March – 4 Patch in a 4 Patch

Use 2.5 inch strips or squares and make two (2) four patches that measure 4.5 inches unfinished.

Pair them with two 4.5 inch squares and your 4 Patch in a 4 Patch block should measure 8.5 inches unfinished.

The colors in the picture above are only a suggestion.

April – Contemporary Framed 4 Patch

Picture shows 6 Framed Four Patch Blocks

Visit the link below for specific directions to make these blocks.

Use 2 ½ inch strips to make 8 ½ inch unfinished block.

May – Catch Up Month!

Make any of the previous months’ 4 patch block suggestions and bring to the meeting.

ALL contributions will be greatly appreciated!