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October 20, 2016 Meeting – Trunk Show “Metamorphosis of a Quilt Artist”

by nbqa_admin

Trunk Show/Lecture: Come see my roots!!!! (no, not my hair 🙂 The metamorphosis of an Art Quilter! Travel with me from the beginnings of my artistic awareness, through art, craft, clothing, wedding dresses to my complete immersion into the world of Fiber Art Quilting. Gobs of  “live” quilts for up close hands on enjoyment.

Bonnie Hunter “Scraps & Shirttails” at September meeting!

by nbqa_admin

Scraps & Shirttails! A note from Bonnie Hunter… This lecture focuses on the quilts from my books Scraps & Shirttails I & II, both released by Kansas City Star Quilts. Not only do I show the quilts from the book, but others I’ve made with recycled fabrics and scraps as well! I include information about […]