The NBQA summer challenge is to make something from black and white fabrics with the addition of only one other fabric (i.e. not black and white). You can use as many different black and white fabrics as you like. The black and white fabric can have minimal amounts of gray or silver but no other colors in them.The one additional fabric can be any color or combination of colors, and you can use as much of it as you wish. Solid black and solid white are allowed but should not be the only black and white fabrics used. These additional rules apply.


1. All items submitted must be constructed to include three layers (top, batting, back) and be held together with stitching. A qualifying quilted item may include, but not be limited to, quilts, clothing, purses, totes or other accessories, etc.

2. The hanging size of the item must be not less than 10” x 10” (or a total of 40”) and not larger than 42” on a side (or a total of 168” for all 4 sides).

3. The item must be completed in 2016.

Please bring your entry to the September meeting (9/15/16) where we will vote for our favorites, and the top three vote getters will win a prize.